Terms and Conditions

Bookings are subject to availability of spaces and resources.

All candidates must be 16 and over to attend courses and gaining a qualification. Candidates must be 18 and over to apply successfully for an SIA Licence to work.

At Linx Security Training we do our utmost to ensure our prices and product descriptions are up to date and accurate. If we encounter an error with any of the details and you have submitted an order to us, Linx Security Training will contact you with the correct details. If for any reason Linx Security Training are unable to get in contact we will treat your order as cancelled.

Linx Security Training reserves the right to refuse any bookings should the maximum number for each course is exceeded. Individuals or groups will be offered alternative dates or immediate refunds.

Identification Documents
For Security Courses, individuals are required to bring a ‘Picture ID’ (Passport or Driving Licence), two proofs of address and two passport size photographs. It is the candidate’s responsibility to make sure the correct documents are made available to Linx Security Training.

According to the regulations set out by the Awarding Bodies and the SIA, Linx Security Training are required to see original forms of identification to verify each candidate, without these candidates will not be able to begin training. Please note that all documents must be valid where applicable. (For a full list of ID documents that can be accepted please visit our website www.linxtraining.co.uk on our SIA Licence Application Process page or contact us before you attend the course).

Providing original identification documents is a regulation. Failure to provide the correct identification documents during attendance will result in the candidate being refused from admission on the course.
Candidates are expected to carry their ID documents throughout the duration of the course.

Where ID validation forms are used by awarding bodies, the responsibility is on the candidate to only sign the validation form if the spelling of their full name is correct and matches the picture ID provided at the time of registration, failure to do so will result in the candidate being liable for administration costs charged by the awarding body for correction.

All remaining payments must be paid in full by or on the first day of training. Linx Security Training reserves the right to refuse admission on to courses if full payment is not received on the first day.

Prices are subject to change until booking has been completed.

Special Offer prices and discounts are subject to availability.

All special offer and discounts in various print and online advertising available to a candidate may not be available to other candidates as all offers are limited. Linx Security Training reserve the right to refuse special offers and discounts if places are unavailable and all allocations have been taken in advance. Prices may vary from one candidate to the next that attend the identical course due to the location of the offers made available.

Linx Security Training reserve the right not to offer identical offers on the basis of another candidate and are subject to availability at the time. Where a training course is offered at a discount from our list price, the discounted price offered is subject to payment with booking and availability of places.

Prices, dates and course details are subject to change in print and information displayed on the website. Linx Security Training reserves the right to change prices, dates and course detail at any given time.

Linx Security Training may not be held responsible for any errors that may be made and where it is possible will accommodate candidates where concern is raised. If an agreement cannot be made or then the candidate will be given a full refund.

Cancellations and Refunds
All booked candidates must inform Linx Security Training FOUR working days in advance for rescheduling of dates or cancellations. Deposits are non-refundable. However, candidates will be allowed to transfer the deposit to another date if there is a legitimate reason for not attending the date that was initially booked. This is restricted to one transfer date. If a candidate is unable to attend for the transferred date booked, a secondary date will not be given and deposit will not be refunded.

Where the candidate fails to contact Linx Security Training within FOUR weeks of the original confirmed course date, then any re-booking after that date will be treated as a new booking and shall be liable to the FULL course fee in force at that time.

Reservations are fully transferable to any named individual who is eligible to attend.

Linx Security Training have only limited places for each course that takes place. Non-attendance will result in losing your deposit paid when booking the course. However, If we are notified FOUR days before the course start date, we can re-arrange another date when it is convenient for you. Failure to notify us or if you notify us less than FOUR days before the course begins, will result in a re-registration fee of £50.00 to cover administration costs. Non-attendance due to an emergency can be re-arranged but proof will be required for non-attendance.

Bookings made within FOUR days of the course commencing cannot be refunded as these bookings are classified as last minute bookings.

In the event of cancellation of course by Linx Security Training, Linx Security Training reserves the right to offer a rescheduling of date of the course. Linx Security Training reserves the right to notify candidates up to the time of training commencing on the day. However, where possible Linx Security Training will notify candidates at least TWELVE hours before course commencing.

Linx Security Training may substitute the venue of training with another suitable venue of it’s choice and notify candidates via e-mail, text or telephone up to TWELVE hours prior to the start of the course.

In the event of cancellation by the training provider, damages shall be limited to a full refund of the course fee. In the case of a deposit being made, the deposit will be refunded.

In the event of a candidate starting a course, once registered and in attendance, the candidate will not be given a refund of the course fee as the fee is utilised for course and examination registration.

Full attendance is required, late arrivals are not accepted on any of the courses and candidates are expected to arrive FIFTEEN minutes before the start time given. Linx Security Training and their Tutors reserve the right to refuse entry to any candidate arriving late to the course or eject candidates due to lateness or none-attendance. Course fee will NOT be refunded in these circumstances.

All candidates will receive confirmation of attendance and course details by email, unless otherwise requested.

Candidates are responsible for making their travel arrangements. Linx Security Training does not take responsibility for candidate travel and will not pay travel costs occurred by candidates.

Notification of Health and Medical Issues
If you have any medical problems, physical or mental disabilities or take any medication, it is the candidate’s responsibility to inform Linx Security Training BEFORE the training begins regarding concerns so Linx Security Training can assess the situation before you take part in the course.

Health and Safety for all candidates and staff is a priority at Linx Security Training.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to disclose all medical, mental and physical issues openly and honestly to allow the training centre to accommodate and make special arrangements with discretion.

Linx Security Training will not take responsibility in result of an incident if a candidate fails to notify the training centre or tutor prior to taking part on the course.

All examinations for courses should be taken highly seriously and non-attendance for examinations will result in a fail.

Candidates should attend all examinations at the correct time and have their photo identification with them during attendance.

Linx Security Training follow strict examination procedures set out by the Awarding Body.

Late arriving Candidates will not be allowed to participate in the exams and will be refused entry in to the examination room by the exam invigilator.

Late attendance and non-attendance for examinations may result in a fail and an examination fee will be payable for re-scheduling the exam. Candidates may have to re-attend the full course before taking the examination on a revised date.

Pass Guarantee for SIA Licencing courses – In the event that a candidate fail an exam, a free re-attendance for the exam will be offered by Linx Security Training. A ‘Free exam re-sit’ entitles the candidate to a limited number of re-sits for each exam that is failed.

Results and Certification
Results will be issued within 3-8 working days after the last day of the course. Where the last day being Sunday, all course examination papers are posted to the awarding body on the Monday by 5.00 pm and are not received by the awarding body until the Tuesday or soon after. 3-8 working days will be counted from the Tuesday.

Linx Security Training do not guarantee results in precisely 3-8 working days to the date given and the date given is classed as a realistic approximation. Therefore, the results can be delayed in due to various circumstances.

Linx Security Training will do the utmost to get the results to candidates within 3-8 working days of completion of the course. Linx Security Training cannot be held responsible for the situation of the candidate and relying on results for a precise date. Where date is given after the course is complete, it is an estimated date and does not necessarily mean Linx Security Training will have results available at 9.00 am of that particular date.

Dates given for result availability and certification availability by Linx Security Training are based on approximate estimation using the time scales given by the awarding body. Linx Security Training reserves the right to adjust the date given without notice.

Dispatch of certification is arranged via ordinary royal mail as standard. However, candidates will be given an option to arrange pick up of certification from our Centres at a time and date given by Linx Security Training.

Candidates are responsible in providing accurate information as to the physical address where certification will be dispatched using clear handwriting.

Candidates will receive the certificate within 10 working days of receiving their results. However, if a candidate does not receive the certificate within this duration please contact Linx Training immediately. If you do not contact Linx Training within 30 days of the results being issued regarding the certificate then the candidate will be responsible to pay any charges in respect of a replacement certificate.

Linx Security Training accepts no liability for misplaced certification and candidates will be responsible to pay any awarding body charges in respect of replacement certification.

In the event of a candidate losing, misplacing their certificate, a new certificate can be provided for a fee of £50.00.

Audit: From time to time, a Training Provider will receive a visit/inspection from the Awarding Body who regulate the courses for quality control purposes. If an unexpected Audit takes place during the course you are attending, Results and Certifications may be delayed up to 4-8 weeks. Linx Security Training cannot obtain Results and Certifications without the approval of the Awarding Body and in this instance delays may occur. Linx Security Training will do the utmost to release the Results and Certifications for each candidate as soon as they are available by the Awarding Body.

Work Reference: Linx Security Training cannot provide written references for future employment or for third parties as you are in attendance of a short course. Booking Receipt provided can be used as proof of attendance and Certification that you receive can also be used to provide proof of attendance and successful completion of the course.

SIA Licence Application and Process
Linx Security Training provide a service of course training and helping candidates gain an SIA Qualification where applicable. It is our responsibility to help candidates complete the course successfully. However, Linx Security Training cannot be held responsible for the SIA Licence applications. All SIA applications have to be made by each individual directly with the SIA (Security Industry Authority). SIA charge a licence fee for each Licence, which is valid for 3 years. This is not a Linx Security Training cost, it is the SIA’s cost. Prices given by Linx Security Training are only for the course training and qualification.

Linx Security Training do not take responsibility for SIA Licence applications. This is the responsibility of the candidate applying. Failure to follow the SIA Licence application procedure may result in losing your licence fee and application being rejected.

Linx Security Training highlight SIA information prior to course attendance and during booking confirmation.

IMPORTANT: Criminal Record Checks

Linx Security Training do not do Criminal Record checks on candidates. All candidates are welcome to complete courses and can obtain a qualification.

If a candidate wishes to apply for an SIA Licence to work in the Security Industry then they will need to check with the SIA regarding their own criminal record BEFORE completing the course.

SIA may not grant a licence to someone with a criminal record. All candidates are requested to check with the SIA BEFORE booking a course with Linx Security Training if a Licence will be granted upon the individuals circumstances. This responsibility will lie with the candidate.

Linx Security Training cannot be held responsible for SIA Licence applications that are rejected.

SIA Licence fee is Non-Refundable. Linx Security Training do not take responsibility for SIA Licence applications and will not be liable for any losses occurred by the applicant.

Please refer to the SIA Licencing Process for more information.

Code of Conduct
Linx Security Training reserves the right to remove or refuse any candidate to attend any course should they prove unsuitable, or fail to meet the code of conduct for all candidates. Any form of behaviour that is deemed uncivil at the premises will not be tolerated and will lead to exclusion from the course and no refund will be made to the candidate.

Candidates must comply with Linx Security Training Policies.

By booking a course with Linx Security Training you are accepting the Terms and Conditions and you are agreeing to follow and abide by all Linx Security Training regulations.