IMPORTANT INFORMATION: First Aid Training is now mandatory for Door Supervisor Training... <Click Here For More Info>

Changes to SIA qualifications in April

Changes to SIA qualifications in April

The SIA are making some changes to the training you need to take before you can get a front line SIA licence. These changes will happen from 1 April 2021

The changes will introduce updated qualifications for SIA Door Supervisor and SIA CCTV Operator Qualifications. From 1 April 2021, all learners must have a First Aid qualification before you can take the training required for a Door Supervisor or Security Guard SIA licence.

Top-Up Training will become mandatory for all Pre-April 2021 licence holders who wish to renew their SIA Licence for a door supervisor and security guard licence which will include the First Aid qualification.


Why are the SIA making these changes?

The SIA need to make sure that people working in the private security industry can:

  • Keep the public safe;
  • Follow new working practices;
  • Understand recent changes to the law;
  • Make the best use of new technology.


Changes to the course material

The SIA have moved training that is critical for all sectors to the ‘common unit’ Working within the Private Security Industry that is taken by all security operatives.

This includes new training on:

  • Terror threat awareness;
  • Dealing with emergencies.

The SIA have introduced new sector-specific content – eg:

  • The SIA Close Protection course includes new material on physical intervention;
  • The Door Supervisor course includes new material on the use of equipment such as body worn video recorders and breathalysers;
  • The public space surveillance CCTV Operator course includes new material on CCTV operational procedures and the law;
  • The Security Guarding course includes new material covering personal safety.


Changes to the duration of the course

The SIA Door Supervisor course and the SIA CCTV Operator course will increase in duration due to the increase in course content material and assessments.

There are more practical assessments in the new content, which take longer. Everyone will need to do at least 1 physical search. The SIA have added more content including personal safety, knowledge of physical intervention for security officers, and knowledge of door supervision equipment for door supervisors.

Delivery Hours will increase as follows:

Level 2 Award for Door Supervisors: 44 hours (6 days)

Level 2 Award for CCTV Operators: 22 hours (3 days)

Level 2 Award for Security Officers: 30 hours (4 days)


Will the cost of the new training increase?

With the increase in hours and course content that needs to be covered within the SIA stipulated regulations, the cost of the new SIA training courses will increase. This is likely to happen with most training providers to ensure that quality training can continue to be provided.


More information will be provided before 1 April 2021 about the new SIA qualifications including information about the mandatory First Aid qualification that must be taken.