FREE SIA Security Training
for 19-24 yr olds on benefits such as
JSA, ESA, Universal Credit
or Income Support or even Unemployed.

If you are 19-24 years old and on a Benefit or Unemployed,

we can help you gain a FREE Security qualification.


Call 0203 478 8496 for London.

Call 01772 378 979 for Lancashire.

FREE SIA Training for 19-24 years olds on a benefits or unemployed*

If you are on JSA, ESA or Income Support or even
unemployed, we can help you gain your Security qualification for FREE. *Terms and Conditions apply.

The Security Sector is a great area to start a career, especially for young people. If you’re looking for either a short term job or a long term career, a security qualification will help you gain employment fast. We can help provide a high standard of training and experience, prepare you for the industry. free sia security training free security training

Call our Funding Advisors
and let us give you full details on how to join.

We can help you gain a FREE SIA Security qualification that is a fully accredited SIA qualification. Terms and Conditions apply. Please call 0203 478 8496 for London and Call 01772 378 979 for Lancashire for full details. Limited spaces are available for funded SIA training, please book in advance with us. Let us help you gain work in various sectors such as Hotels, Airports, Office Buildings, Construction Sites, Concerts and Events, Stadiums and Arenas, Retail Shops, Public Buildings, Shopping Centres and more! For full details visit our funding website

All bookings for our free security training courses are arranged by telephone.
Please call 0203 478 8496 if you’re located in or around London and Call 01772 378 979 (Preston) if you live in the North West of England. to arrange your training today!*Terms and Conditions apply.

free sia security training

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