Be a life saver.


First Aid at Work (3 day) qualification is for
ANY person who wishes to to be an ‘Appointed Person’ in the
workplace or require suitable First Aid training.


No previous experience is necessary.


Let us introduce you to First Aid at Work (3 day) training.

Ideal for higher risk businesses and individuals and in accordance with the Health and Safety regulations.

Our First at Work (3 day) courses are all HSE and Awarding body approved. This qualification has been accredited by the regulators of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (Ofqual, Welsh Government and CCEA) and is part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). It is supported by Skills for Health, the Sector Skills Council for health.

We provide First Aid courses because we believe that it’s absolutely important to help people in need of aid, so many people die needlessly because no one could give them first aid when they needed it. We believe in the value of First Aid and how it can help save lives, prevent injuries and can make a difference.

We help people become First Aiders everywhere, from people in the workplace to the people in the community.

  First Aid at Work training

The difference between Emergency First at Work 1 day and First Aid at Work 3 day course:

First Aiders with a First aid at work 3 day certificate are required in higher risk sites or places with a large workforce or high perceived level of risk. Emergency First Aid at Work 1 day trained staff are required in lower risk sites or places.
The First Aid at Work 3 day course is mandatory for anyone who wishes to complete the SIA Close Protection course. This course is NOT included within the Close Protection course and shown as an option as some individuals already hold the First Aid at Work 3 day qualification and do not need to complete the First Aid at Work training. Please contact us if you require further help in deciding which course is right for you.
Please contact us for more information and for group prices. We will do all we can to price match and better any other deal you may have found.

Group training and training at your workplace

We offer great opportunities for group training, providing training at our centres or at your workplace.

First Aid at Work courses
First Aid at Work is a comprehensive THREE day First Aid course which will provide you with the in-depth principles required to deal with emergency situations in the workplace. By the end of the training you will be able to administer basic First Aid and confidently manage the situation until the arrival of an ambulance or further medical assistance. We offer high quality First Aid training to individuals and corporate customers.

Group Training

Training as a group is a great way to learn. Having familiar faces around can help to create a relaxed and fun environment, but group bookings also offer a cost effective and flexible option. If you have a group of eight or more, we can provide courses our premises, or on your own premises or at a location to suit your needs.
Benefits of Group Learning:
• It is cost-effective, with less ‘lost’ travel time
• Choose the training dates which suit you and enjoy the flexibility
• Employees benefit from a familiar learning environment

Corporate Packages available

We offer Corporate rates for group bookings. Employers and companies of all sizes come to us for First Aid at Work training courses that complies with the Health & Safety Guidelines (HSE approved).
We will do all we can to price match and better any other deal you may have found.

Requirement for Close Protection Operatives

First Aid at Work (3 day) is a mandatory course that needs to be completed by all individuals attending a Close Protection course. If you would like to complete the Level 3 award in Close Protection, please make sure you also book the First Aid at Work 3 day qualification. We provide this course as optional as some people completing the Close Protection course may already have a First Aid at Work 3 day qualification.

What is covered on this course?

The role and responsibility of a first aider.
Assessing an incident.
Managing an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally.
Managing an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally.
Recognise and assist a casualty who is choking.
Managing a casualty who is wounded and bleeding.
Managing a casualty who is in shock.
Managing a casualty with a minor injury.
Administer first aid for a range of conditions.
Managing a casualty for a range of major illnesses.
  First Aid training courses

How does our First Aid at Work (3 day) training actually work
and what can you expect when attending the course?

First Aid at Work 3 day course is a fully accredited qualification.

The course duration is 3 day and within this time frame you will complete your training provided by highly qualified tutors who have years of valuable experience within teaching and applying First Aid. The course contains theory and practical training. This course is taught in a friendly but professional classroom environment, where you will learn about the procedures to be carried out in First Aid emergencies.

The First Aid at Work 3 day training consists of ONE main unit:

Unit 1: First Aid at Work

Assessment: 12 question multi-choice examination, a practical assessment, including Incident Management, Dealing with Shock, Dealing with an Unconscious Casualty and CPR.

Contact Hours: 18.0

Following the exams and assessment, a list of results will be provided. Once you have completed the course successfully you will then receive your Certificate awarded by the examining body. Certificates for successful learners will be dispatched for distribution by Linx Security Training within 3-8 working days from the completion of the course.

This qualification lasts for a period of 3 years, after which point learners will need to resit the course.

You will also receive a FREE First Aid booklet to go alongside the training you receive.

For more detailed information about the course content please download here.
To view some sample exam questions for the course please download here.


Important Information


All of our courses comply with all regulations set by the awarding body.

It is important that the training you receive covers the contact hours and material regulated by the awarding body. Failure to cover the hours and the correct material can result in loosing your qualification. Linx Security Training strictly follow all set criterias and maintain the highest standard of training for all students.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Who is the First Aid at Work 3 day training course aimed at and is this course right for me?
The First Aid at Work training is aimed at any individuals and employees who wish to be qualified to provide First Aid in their workplace. If you work in a high risk environment, the First Aid at Work 3 day course is for you.

What qualification will I gain by completing the First Aid at Work 3 day course?
By completing the First Aid at Work 3 day training course you will receive a certification from the awarding body that recognises you as a First Aider within the UK.

Are your courses accredited by relevant awarding bodies?
Yes, we are approved to provide First Aid courses and are accredited by numerous awarding bodies including EDI and EdExcel. Please visit our Accreditation and Approvals page below the menu bar.

How can I book the course?
You can book the course by clicking on our Course Dates tab or the Quick Book tab on the menu bar at the top of each page. You can then select a location, a scheduled date and fill out the information required. Alternatively, you can call 0208 166 1593 and we can book you for the course over the telephone.

How do I pay for the course I want to book?
You can pay by either using a debit card or credit card through our secure online booking system. You will either pay a deposit or full payment depending on the course and venue that you book. Rest assured that we use industry recognised payment facilities that are secure.

Can I pay on the day?
Yes you can pay on the day but you will not be entitled to the online price. There will be an additional £20.00 ‘pay on the day’ fee. For more information please call us on 0208 166 1593.

What do I need to bring when attending the course?
You will need to bring your ID documents and remaining course fee. All course material will be provided to you by email and when you attend the course. The following identification documents need to be provided during the first day of training and you must have with you these documents throughout your training course:

Passport or Full UK Driver’s Licence (original copies)
Two proofs of address (i.e. Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Telephone bill etc.)
Two Passport size photographs

For full list of identification requirements please click on our SIA Licence Process page situated below the top menu bar where you will find a detailed list of required documents by Linx Security Training when completing a course with us.

Do you charge for exam re-sits?
No, we do not charge for exam re-sits or re-assessments. Though there are no exams taken on the First Aid course. You will be assessed during the course and have to pass the assessment.

When can I expect to receive my exam results and certificate?
You will receive your exam results within 3 to 8 working days. We aim to provide results within this timeframe, although there may be delays occasionally due to additional checking process for each student. Your Certificate will be available shortly after your pass result is available. In most cases Certificates are posted to all candidates by second class post and we will keep you up to date by email regarding estimated times of results and certificates.


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