With Security presence needed
more than ever, why not start
CCTV training for a career in the
security industry today.

Level 2 Award in CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) qualification
is for ANY person who wishes to work as a CCTV Operator
within the Security Industry.


No previous experience is necessary.

Let us introduce you to SIA CCTV training.

Heighten your senses with our CCTV Public Space Surveillance course.

Security may be a new area for you or you may have experience working within Security abroad and wish to work within the UK. The CCTV training course will help provide you with ALL the training and knowledge to successfully work as a CCTV Operator within the UK.If you are unemployed and looking for work, or if you wish to make a career change then rest assured that this course will help you find work within the Security Sector where you will able to build yourself a successful Career. CCTV Training to work in a CCTV control room CCTV Training control room

Thousands of security vacancies available and counting.

The security sector is one of the largest sectors in the UK. Once you qualify with Linx Security Training, you will be able
to focus your job search within the security industry and start your wonderful career in no time.

cctv training

We supply affordable training to all for the demand of vacancies that are available.

You can work as a CCTV Operator within a control room environment for surveillance of public spaces and buildings, indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Airports
  • Nightclubs
  • Bars and Pubs
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Property
  • Corporate Venues
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Stadiums, Arenas and Events
  • Reception Duties
  • Retail Shops
  • Monitoring Gates & Barriers
  • Construction Sites

How does our SIA CCTV training actually work
and what can you expect when attending the course?

This course is a Level 2 award in CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) and is a fully accredited SIA qualification.The course duration is 3 days and within this time frame you will complete your training provided by highly qualified tutors who have years of valuable experience within the Security Industry. This course is taught in a friendly but professional classroom environment, where you will learn about the roles and responsibilities of a CCTV Operator.The CCTV course consists of THREE main units which are:

Unit 1: Working in the Private Security Industry (Distance Learning)
Unit 2: Working as a CCTV Operator
Unit 3: Practical Operation of CCTV equipment

Assessment: There are TWO multiple choice exams to complete on the final day of the course and assessment for practical use of CCTV equipment.

Contact Hours: 23.0

Once you complete the exams they are then assessed by the Examining Body. Linx Security Training will notify you of your results within 3-8 working days from the completion of the course. Once you have completed the course successfully you will then receive your Certificate awarded by the examining body. After which you will be able to apply for your SIA Licence to legally work as a CCTV Operator.

For more detailed information about the CCTV course content please download here.
To view some sample exam questions for the CCTV course please download here.
CCTV Training in a classroom
CCTV Training course

Learn to use CCTV practical equipment on our course.

The role of a CCTV operator within the security industry is to work from a CCTV control room, viewing single and multiple CCTV monitors to ensure that the space that you are in charge of monitoring is safe and secure. It is also the responsibility of a CCTV operator to ensure that there is no malpractice taking place within the establishment or area.You will learn about codes of practice, procedures and guidelines along with the practical use of CCTV equipment and its operation. You will be shown demonstrations of the use of CCTV equipment, remotely moving cameras to follow your target along with presentations to help you gain the vast knowledge needed to be a qualified CCTV operator within the security industry.The final unit of the CCTV qualification is the Practical use of CCTV equipment. This is a vital part of the CCTV course that will demonstrate how to correctly use CCTV equipment. This training will help prepare you with the working knowledge of cameras, control joypad and monitors and is compulsory for all who wish to complete the CCTV qualification successfully.

Linx Security Training offer state of the art equipment created for the sole purpose of CCTV training. We aim to create the best learning experience for all our students and we meet all criteria set to gain a CCTV qualification.

CCTV Training practical
CCTV Training practical assessment

Understanding the course process from start to finish

sia cctv training

Why choose Linx Security Training as your number one
choice for helping you complete your CCTV training?

Linx Security Training provide a professional and helpful service from the moment you book your course
until the moment you receive your SIA Licence to begin work in the security industry.

CCTV classroom environment Security guard on site CCTV security operatives CCTV cameras
You are provided with the following within the price of the course:
  • – Training by our qualified trainers.
  • – All relevant materials to help you complete your course.
  • – Exam Fees are included (No Hidden Costs).
  • – Free Exam Re-sits.
  • – Advice and guidance for employment.
In addition, once you have finished your course, you will receive the following from us to help you with employment at no extra cost:CV Guide
Guidance on how to create the perfect CV.Guide on Interview Techniques
To help you overcome your fears when attending job interviews.

Sample CV Template
Use our sample CV template specifically designed for the Security Industry.

List of Security Companies
We will provide you with a list of companies that have vacancies for security jobs to give you a head start with your job search and help find security work quickly.

Please note:
The SIA Licence is NOT included within the price of the course. The SIA Licence fee is payable directly to the SIA when applying for your SIA Licence after completing the course successfully. (No training provider will include this in their course price).

Please view our SIA Licence Process page for further details and requirements

Our CCTV Training statistics
Our CCTV training statistics

Important Information

All of our courses comply with all regulations set by the awarding body and the Security Industry Authority.

It is important that the training you receive covers the contact hours and material regulated by the awarding body and the Security Industry Authority. Failure to cover the hours and the correct material can result in losing your qualification and your SIA Licence being suspended. Linx Security Training strictly follow all set criteria and maintain the highest standard of training for all students.

Corporate businesses and funded organisations

If you are a business or a funded organisation looking to get your staff or customers trained, we can provide
training at your work place or at our training centres and also offer discounts for group bookings.

We can provide training to your schedule and for groups of all sizes.

Linx Security Training have provided training for various organisations. We can accommodate for large groups of people and provide additional benefits.

For Colleges, Councils and Funded Organisations within the UK…

If you are a funded organisation wishing to send your customers on a Training Course, look no further than us. We can provide a suitable training package within your budget of funding provided. Call us for information and to book.

What are the benefits?
Some of our existing and past clients

We have Full-Time Trainers:

Our Trainers work with Linx Security Training on a Full Time basis and therefore we can provide training to your schedule.

Dedicated Client Manager – Point of Contact:

We’ll provide you with your own point of contact to look after all your needs from start to finish.

Unbeatable Group Discount Prices:

We will beat any genuine group booking price and we can provide professional training at affordable prices.

sia cctv training

Our Qualified Trainers.

Our Trainers are fully qualified in all relevant security and teaching qualifications, with years of security industry
work experience, you will not find a better trainer to prepare you for a great career in security than ours.

Adrian is a former British Soldier trained by the School of Infantry. He is well trained in weapons handling, advanced driving, escape and evasion and more.Additionally he has nearly 15 years of Security Industry experience working as a CCTV Operative, Security Officer, Door Supervisor and Chauffeur Driver for high profile clients.He also currently works as a Close Protection Officer on high profile jobs in the UK and abroad.Adrian has organised security details for American Senators, Royalty, Senior Politicians to Celebrities. His list of qualifications are endless.

He will definitely prepare you well and his training techniques are of the highest standard.

Stephen has 9 years of Military Police experience with training from Royal Air Force Police. He is Pistol and Rifle, Air Transport Security, Patrol Dogs trained and more.He has experience working as a Head Doorman for many high profile bars and nightclubs. He also has experience working as a Close Protection Officer in the Middle East and Africa.Stephen’s hobbies include mix martial arts which includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Krav Maga and enters many fighting competitions. Don’t be surprised to see Stephen in action on Sky Sports.

You will enjoy his training classes and his students have one of the highest success rates at Linx Security Training.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is the CCTV training course aimed at and is this course right for me?
The CCTV course is aimed at any individual who wishes to work as a CCTV Operator within the security industry. With this qualification you can only work as a CCTV Operator, you cannot work as a Door Supervisor or a Security Guard.What qualification will I gain by completing the CCTV course?
By completing the CCTV training course you will receive a Level 2 Award in CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) which is the necessary qualification to apply for an SIA Licence to work as a CCTV Operator within the UK.Is CCTV practical included on the CCTV course?
Yes, CCTV practical unit is included as part of the CCTV course. This is mandatory unit that has to be included within the training to gain an SIA Licence to become a CCTV Operator. Some providers may not provide this service but it is important that you receive the correct regulated training.

Are your courses accredited by relevant awarding bodies and the SIA?
Yes, we are approved to provide security courses and are accredited by numerous awarding bodies including EDI and EdExcel. Please visit our Accreditation and Approvals page below the menu bar.

How can I book the course?
You can book the course by going on our Course Dates page or the Quick Book page on the menu bar at the top of each page. You can then select a location, a scheduled date and fill out the information required. Alternatively, you can call 0208 166 1593 and we can book you for the course over the telephone.

How do I pay for the course I want to book?
You can pay by either using a debit card or credit card through our secure online booking system. You will either pay a deposit or full payment depending on the course and venue that you book. Rest assured that we use industry recognised payment facilities that are secure.

Can I pay on the day?
Yes you can pay on the day but you will not be entitled to the online price. There will be an additional £20.00 ‘pay on the day’ fee. For more information please call us on 0208 166 1593.

What do I need to bring when attending the course?
You will need to bring your ID documents and remaining course fee. All course material will be provided to you by email and when you attend the course. The following identification documents need to be provided during the first day of training and you must have with you these documents throughout your training course:

Passport or Full UK Driver’s Licence (original copies)
Two proofs of address (i.e. Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Telephone bill etc)
Two Passport size photographs

For full list of identication requirements please click on our SIA Licence Process page situated below the top menu bar where you will find a detailed list of required documents.

Do you charge for exam re-sits?
No we do not charge for exam re-sits. If you fail an examination you will have to attend a scheduled date given by us. You can re-sit the exam as many times as you need to. Linx Security Training provide a guarantee we will help you gain your qualification.

When can I expect to receive my exam results and certificate?
You will receive your exam results within 3 to 8 working days. We aim to provide results within this timeframe, although there may be delays occasionally due to additional checking process for each student. Your Certificate will be available shortly after your pass result is available. In most cases Certificates are posted to all candidates by second class post and we will keep you up to date by email regarding estimated times of results and certificates.

Do I need my certificate to apply for my SIA Licence?
No, you can apply for your SIA Licence as soon as you receive your pass result. Your Certificate is for your reference only and you will not need to provide addtional information.

Is there an additional cost for getting my SIA Licence?
Yes, there is a fee applicable when applying for your SIA Licence. Please refer to our SIA Licence Process page for full details and what the fee amount is. This fee is not payable to Linx Security Training therefore we do not show this in our course price. No training provider will include the SIA Licence fee in their prices, but this is a mandatory fee to be paid to gain your SIA Licence to work in security.

Why are your courses more expensive than some other Training Providers?
Linx Security Training actually provide very competitive prices. Our prices include all exam fees including exam re-sits, if you fail an exam, we will give you an unlimited amount of opportunities to re-sit your exams at no extra cost! Other providers may charge you £50 per re-sit exam which we feel is unfair, therefore you can have peace of mind that what you pay for the course will be your only cost to us. Our prices also reflect the highest standard of training that is given by our trainers, we work with the best materials and provide high quality facilities. We take Security very seriously – We strive to give you the BEST training as we want all of our learners to achieve the highest possible grade. This will be reflected when attending job interviews as what you learn with us will give you confidence and the knowledge to successfully get past the interview stage and into a job in the security sector – fast.

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